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Start-up Consulting 

Working with a start-up, sell-off or etc. can be filled with many questions, problems, and implementing of process to advance the business needs.  Below are various aspects that will be focused on to see where problems exist and how they can be fixed.  The process is generally highly detailed, and will create a work flow that makes sense to each business.

Flowchart for fashion start-ups

Review Information

Fiscal data is reviewed to see needs and budgetary issues. This creates a financial zone that other areas will balance on. We also help you write the financials and summary for your business plan, but we will not write it for you. The reason we do not do all your fiscals is to keep the focus on leadership and knowledge of where business needs are. 

Review Trends

If the business has been around, we look at trend tractions to outline what people like & dont like.

Review of financial seasons, and tech trends for online promotion & sales.

Review Cost of Goods & Production

Review of how much a client spends on production and goods is a key aspect for designing for the future.


Often times processes are not in place that will allow for on-boarding new people, create efficiency and cost savings, or personal growth. We work with the teams on what processes need to be planned to create personal & company value.

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