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Creative Direction

A picture speaks a thousand words! Very common route we all know is true!


Creative Direction is all about retaining the brand identity, while fulfilling the esthetic needs and end use for the consumer. Much of the process is defined by years of research in physchology of color, art, design, and adaptation of past & future concepts. Many of my clients have found that the visual aspects of a product are much more defined by psychology. Many have found this area to be challenging as a result. 

What we will do is educate the organization on ensuring the brand identity is always in the question. Then educate on art, rhythm, nature, and financial aspects of a choice. For example, did you know 85% of apparel purchases are color driven? Are you aware the key size for a female in USA is 14. This means colors and proportion are essential evaluations to make when you put the pencil to paper for designs. Are you familiar with art history and pattern designs? This is important because it helps develop quality of concept and awareness. I have seen brand think they arrived at a unique idea, only to find it has been done decades prior. 

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