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Katherine (Katy)  Schildmeyer is an Independent Fashion Design Consultant. With over 22 years in the Fashion Industry she has worked from a Sales  to Creative Director & Production Director. With the span of positions she has held through the years, she is able to understand challenges throughout many companies.

Katy provides incite to various publications. The links below are just some of the projects, and publications.








  • Fashion Design- Develop design concepts from a mix of ideas, or new concepts. We can take an idea and make it come to life with 3D Design. 

  • Technical Fashion Flats: For use in technical design, line sheets, and merchandise development.

  • Tech-packs: Develop plans for production and assembly of goods

  • Textile design: Work with color, design, and production.

  • Cost Planning: Work with various financial aspects of business to reflect beneficial pricing to create a foundation for better ROI.

  • Graphic Design for packaging, logos, and t-shirts

  • Trademarking process

  • Team Education & Efficiency: Work with small business on trouble shooting issues, and showing how to solve the issue. Legal understanding of different trade policy, customs, FTC requirements, and more.

  • Creative Direction: Assist companies with creativity and redefining markets to match.

  • UPC Assignments: Get business set up with GS1. Set up all inventory approved for production orders.


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